The Play Project (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters)

The Play Project                                     (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters)

Gabriella Nuanes, Writer

 In 2001, Dr. Richard Solomon a behavioral Pediatrician, from Ann Arbor Michigan spent his hours doing a lot of research and experimentation in return Created The Play Project it was created for Children with Autism. To give them a way to learn social and life skills . All while having fun and enjoying time with their families.   The Play Project was created to help families that have children who struggle  every day with basic social skills be able to play and understand their children . To learn and watch as they build life and social skills, That are needed to live and survive independently. The Play project was created some years ago in 2001,But just recently on October 6, 2020 Dr. Solomon announced the program. It was Dr. Solomon’s  way of contributing to the world during this epidemic. He also was able to Present The Program online for free!!!!


   Dr. Richard Solomon created this program for free, for families who are struggling with their children who have Autism and other special needs. It wasn’t always free but because of COVID-19 kids everywhere are either learning online or they are at school learning differently with less teachers and less specialists and less of their peers. Families seem to really be struggling. With this Play project being free parents can now take the course that lasts two hours and start teaching.  


The course has seven steps with guidance to help the person teaching through this hectic time in our world.  Now, families can grow their confidence, helping skills and trust while being able to enjoy the time they have while they are teaching their Autistic Youngsters. 2020 has been a year like no other. The world is crazy right now and this PLAY Project gives a lot of help and hope to parents with Autistic kids trying to learn in a world like it is now.