2020’s Latest Car Reviews – The Porsche Taycan Turbo

Porsche’s New Take On EV’s


Will Zhang, Writer

    When the Tesla Model S came out back in 2012, the economy was very much open to it. The people that were hyped about the newest trends- phones, computers and more were suddenly rushing in droves to get the new, futuristic EV (Electronic Vehicle). Other well-known brands also tried to get that same enthusiasm- Audi’s E-Tron drew as much attention as a bucket of water in the ocean. But now, the famous German brand Porsche succeeded to do something that many other companies failed at- to give Tesla some competition.


    The Taycan (Pronounced like tai-khan) is a beautiful wedge of metal molded to perfection by German Engineers to the very last centimeter. The car is fluid and sharp, and the elegant Taycan can easily carve through air. The lights on the car look like knives, futuristic, classy and beautiful. The pristine chassis is some comparable to the one of the Model S. The Interior is luxurious, combining space, comfort, and speed into the interior, feeling like a Ferrari crossed luxury sedan. The display inside is 16.8 inches, which you can connect to your phone using Bluetooth to do anything from opening the trunk to finding the nearest Coffee Shop. The Taycan is a heavy bird, weighing in at just over 5,000 pounds. However, it can accelerate from 0-60 in 3 seconds, which is very fast. It also has launch control. Sadly, the Model S beats the Taycan by 0.7 seconds, making the Taycan slightly slower. Furthermore, the Taycan does 161 mph at maximum RPM, which also is extremely fast. The Electric Motor puts out 500 kW, or 670 hp. The electric motor also has a very neat noise, not as angry as a gasoline-powered car, but the Taycan boasts a mean, almost gasoline-engine like hum, which all around makes the performance of the car excellent. This thing can zoom around like, well, a Taycan. Taycan in Turkish is roughly translated to “Soul of a Spirited Young Horse.” For many companies, the horse is a symbol of pride, elegance, agility,  and pure, wild, unleashed fury. The Taycan is luxurious, fast, and really good looking.


    The Taycan Turbo is rather expensive at 150k. This is quite a hefty price to pay. However, it is to an extent worth the money, with its looks and feel. In conclusion, the Porsche Taycan is powerful, fast, beautiful, and is worth the buy.