Lefties Living in a Right Hand World

Lefties Living in a Right Hand World

Katie Casey, Writer


Have you ever thought about how you cut with scissors? Have you ever thought about how you write with a pen? Have you ever thought about where you sit to eat or that way you don’t bump elbows with someone? Well, I have. I am what you can call a Lefty. What hand do you write with? Chances are, you write with your right hand. Only ten percent of the whole world are Lefties, or people whose dominant hand is their left hand. 


When you are writing something, you write left to right. If you write with your left hand and you are using a pen that tends to smear, then you are going to get ink all over your arm!! You are writing your paper, and then you look down at your arm and see ink of the color that you are writing with all over your arm! You look down at your paper and see that all of your letters and words are smooshed together and smeared! You can have this or you can write with your arm tilted up, which I can tell you from experience is hard. If you write with your right hand, then you will have a clean arm, along with a legible unsmeared piece of paper. If there are any other Lefties out there reading this, then I recommend you use a pen that doesn’t smear or just stick to pencil.


What about when you are little, and you are learning how to write in a greeting card?  That is hard. If you do almost everything with your right hand, then writing in a card with the crease on the left makes sense, and it will just click like everything else. If you favor your left hand, and do everything with it, then writing in a card at age three, you naturally prefer the crease on the right. Why do cards and books have a crease on the left instead of on the right? I honestly don’t know. 


I have had to be taught time and time again, how to use scissors. SCISSORS!!! They are my enemy. Why do scissors have to be made for people who use their right hand? It is because 90 percent of the population use their right hand as their donamite hand. There are scissors that are made for Righties and Lefties, ambidextrous, and there are scissors that are made just for the 10% that are Lefties. Yay! I am saved from using Righty scissors that are made for Righties. If I use scissors that are made for people who use their right hand, then stand back!! Anything could happen from the time I pick up right handed scissors till the time I put them down.


What about when you eat at a table? Have you thought about where you should sit? Of course you have. Where is your best friend? Don’t you really want to sit next to them? That isn’t what I am talking about though. I’m talking about where you should sit so when you are eating, you don’t bump someone’s arm. I have thought about this! This also applies for when you are writing. If you are doing something with your arm at the same time someone else is and you don’t use the same dominant hand, then you are going to bump into each other. I have had teachers move my seat, for the sake of myself and others so that we don’t bump elbows! I have learned from experience, it makes your writing a lot worse. It can make food fall off of your spoon or fork. If you are a Lefty, I recommend sitting at the end of a table. 


If a magical person came up to me and told me that they could turn me into a Righty, I would say “no thank you.” Why? Even after these paragraphs of the challenges that Lefties have to face, it is one of my quirks that make me special. Trust me, I still think that there should be more products for Lefties, but it is one of the things that makes me special. Not one person is perfect, so, what quirks do you have that make you special?