Lakers Entering the Bubble

Lakers Entering the Bubble

Noble Barowsky, Writer

The Lakers most elite players have gone into the most challenging bubble of there career 2 months ago in August 2020 these players have been away from home and some players were without there families the entire time.

Even for most of the elite players, it has been a rocky road, on Tuesday Lebron James said in an interview “ It was harder than I could ever imagine.” he also said, “It’s probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done as far as a professional.” 

It has been hard for Lebron and all the other players that have made sacrifices to be competing at this level to fight to the top for the biggest prize in basketball.

James stated, “I’m here for a reason only, and that’s to compete for the championship. And that was the mindset I went in when I entered the bubble to if I’m going to be heard, make the most of it, and see what I can do and lock in on what the main thing is.”