NFL… Will it work?


Brady Cooper, Writer

The NFL couldn’t wait to start playing.. The NBA, NHL, and MLB had started. It makes sense. The NFL took measures to keep the players safe.But there have been several cases of covid 19 spreading throughout the league. Adam Schefter writes,”Tennessee Titans,who have had 18 players test positive for Covid 19 in the past week.” After this sad news the Steelers Titans game was delayed. A few days later Cam Newton tested positive for Covid 19. The quarterback would not play with the Patriots and the game was postponed to Monday. Some notable cases include Cam Newton, (Patriots) A.J Terrell, (Falcons), and Adam Humphries (Titans). On October 7th 2 more Titans tested positive and Stephen Gilmore, who won defensive player of the year.


Some measures the NFL takes,

  • Coaching staff must wear a mask
  • If you have your helmet off you wear a mask
  • When players are traveling they can only see other players
  • When a player breaks a covid 19 guideline they can be fined up to $5,000 or more


Covid spreads to many sports players around the country In the NBA Kevin Durant, Ruddy Gobert, Donovan Mitchel, and Patrick Ewing, Head Coach of Georgetown Basketball who sadly died during his fight against covid. In the MLB Charlie Blackmon, DJ lemiau, and many more got the deadly and dangerous covid 19.