Trump Gets Covid-19


Ryelah Ponds, Writer

On October 1st, 2020, people all over the internet people have posted videos and stories about President Trump, but today there is a new story. Today on Twitter, Trump posted that he tested positive for Covid-19. As soon as everybody saw this post, people ran to other social medias and started posting stories,videos, and more. Even Joe Biden started to post on his Twitter. Some people thought this was fake but when the doctors came in the conversation, they started to go on all types of news and just updating everyone on how he’s doing.

But the question that everybody want’s to know is, do they have a vaccine? Right now, no, but in 2021 in summer or fall, there is a good possibility. Scientists and doctors are researching as much as they can.

Some people think that the scientists are just hiding the vaccine, or that he was faking it the whole time, but there have been no updates. However, they have recently updated that Mr.Trump is all better, and he doesn’t have his cough or cold anymore.