Joy of the Season: Part 2


Sophia Zafra, Writer

There was an email opened. It said: You have been invited to participate in the Christmas Parade! In order to participate, you must decorate a car that you will drive on Centennial Avenue at 3:15 pm on December 23, 2020. We hope to see you there! 


I excitedly looked at Sarah, but she was deep in thought. 


“What if we decorate my mom’s car like a reindeer, or Santa’s sleigh? And my dad could dress up as Santa!” I started twiddling my hair. 


Sarah exclaimed, “Wait. Isn’t the parade tomorrow? We have to rush!” The two of us started running around the house, collecting any materials that we could find that we thought could be useful. My mom went to the garage to pull out her car for us. When Sarah and I finally came outside, a big surprise was waiting for us. My mom was holding a big brown box, covered in a layer of dust. 


“Finally, you girls came out. I was waiting here for quite some time.” My mom looked at us, tilting her chin towards the box in her hands. We started giggling. My mom set the box down and took off the lid. A bunch of dust exploded from inside. 


 We peeked in, and there were loads and loads of lights, cardboard, pipe cleaners and other materials that we could use. First, we got some big cardboard tubes that were painted gold. Then we taped them to the side of the car. They were supposed to look like the rim of the sleigh, so we added some twisted pipe cleaners to make them look more real. We also got two big red bows, and taped them to the bumper. The car was starting to actually look like a real sleigh, but it was missing one more thing… lights! My mom ran back to the garage, and got some sparkly lights from the box. We hung them above the windows, and on the front and back of the car. 


“It’s starting to get too cold,” Sarah mumbled, pulling on her hat tighter. “Maybe I should start to head home.”


“You’re right, Sarah. I’ll drive you home,” My mom answered, pulling out the car keys to our family van. “You go inside, Olivia. We finished decorating the car already,” my mom said, kissing me lightly on the cheek. 


My mom got in the family van and Sarah started getting in too. I waved, and they both waved back. I went inside, glad to be saved from the cold. Taking off my hat and gloves, I thought about how late it was, and about how I would have to wake up early in order to get ready for the parade in time. So I walked up the stairs, dragging my feet. I got ready for bed and lay down, thinking about the perfect day that I just had. 


Ding-dong! Ding-dong! I woke up the next morning to the sound of the doorbell ringing. My mom rushed down the stairs, and opened the door. Someone one was on the doorstep, not facing her. The person was looking at the sky, probably wondering why it was so sunny in December. But then they turned around, and happily glanced at my mom…