Life Story of: Jamal Murray

Life Story of: Jamal Murray

Grace Hall, Writer

Jamal Murray is a professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets, he was born and raised in Kitchener, Canada where he trained with his father. Jamal Murray was the son of his parents, Roger and Slyvia Murray, and was the little brother of Lamar Murray. Murray’s dad would make him shoot 20 consecutive free throws in the winter (which in Canada is very cold) and if he missed one, he would have to do 10 push-ups and start all over. This might seem frustrating, but now Murray thanks his dad for all of the work he made him put in. Murray’s success in getting to the NBA and achieving a starting role as a point guard for the Nuggets is proof that discipline in your youth goes a long way in sports accomplishments. 


Jamal Murray got drafted 7th overall in the 2016 draft by the Denver Nuggets and has played with them ever since. He went to the University of Kentucky for 4 years. He is 6 feet 4 inches tall and is 23 years old. Jamal signed a 5 year 170 million dollar contract in the 2019-2020 season.


Jamal Murray has proven himself as a good player this year. He is getting recognition for his game against the Utah Jazz when he scored a whopping 50 points to force a game 7 in the playoffs. 50 points are also the franchise high for one player to score in one playoff game! Jamal Murray played in the rising stars World team in 2017 and scored 13 points which was the highest score in the whole game, he also got 11 assists and 1 steal. This was a lot considering he wasn’t even a starter in this game. While Jamal was doing this he was playing with fellow Nuggets star Nikola Jokic, they are now a dynamic duo for the Nuggets and their biggest stars and starters. 


Jamal Murray has had quite a few injuries, the most recent being revealed after this year’s game 5 against the Lakers in the Western Conference finals which was their last game of this season. Jamal Murray states, “I have a big bruise on my foot,” Murray said when asked what was hobbling him. “Just hurt me all game. I changed shoes, and that didn’t help. Yeah, I have a bone bruise [as well]. I don’t like to tell everybody what I got. I just like to play through it. I was in pain, but it’s cool. I was out there. I was struggling a little bit today.” We all wish Jamal a speedy off-season recovery!