Who’s Boss of the Court

Ava Lowery, Writer

     Miami Heat hosted the big basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers on October sixth, 2020, too bad the fans can’t watch the game in person. The Lakers’ fans will definitely go wild watching this game. The Lakers lost one of their best players, Kobe Bryant, earlier this year, which could negatively impact their game-play. This caused a big trauma all around the world.

     Miami comes out with their game faces on, ready to play and soon they see two points under their side of the scoreboard, that was the first bucket of the game. As soon as the pass was made by the Lakers at the baseline, their first shot made it into the hoop adding two points, getting the goose egg from their side of the scoreboard.

     Just minutes later, the score increases to 10-12, Miami is winning for a short amount of time until the Lakers score 11 more points. Now the score is 21-18, the Lakers ahead by just 3 points. A three pointer increases the Lakers score to 25 and Miami Heat is now at 20 points. Jimmy Butler scores a perfect jumper just a second before the first quarter buzzer goes off, narrowing the Lakers lead to only 3.