Mac And Cheese


K'yana Barnett, Writter

This Mac and Cheese recipe is what my sister makes every time when making it. One day she started off by just putting seasonings and other included ingredients to make mac and cheese. She first made this recipe in 2016 and she served it to our family. We loved and thought it was perfect so she kept making it until she was satisfied even more with her own recipe. My sister makes her mac and cheese for dinner, big events, or even small get together with friends and family. Usually Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other event she’s asked to make it because she is known for the best mac and cheese in our family. She makes her mac and cheese with other food courses as well. She says, “Using certain types of seasonings and macaroni noodles matter. Using Cellentani noodles helps because it holds more juice.” This would be her go-to food because its easy to make when you have a lot of people to serve. We all thought this recipe was tasty so maybe you can try it and see for yourself.


2 pounds Cellentani Noodles

Heavy Whipping Cream-2 cups

Half and Half-¾ cups

3 eggs

2 Ragu sauce

2 Campbell cheddar cheese

1 Can of condensed milk

3 different bags of Cheese-Optional




How to Make it

Set oven at 450 degrees

Boil water until you see bubbles.

You pour 1 tsp of Olive oil into the boiled water

Put 2 pounds of Cellentani Pasta and let it boil for about 30 mins.

Drain the noodles

Spray a pan with butter

Spread your option of cheese

Then put half of the noodles in the pan

Put 1 pound of your shredded cheese along 

1 can of Campbell’s cheddar cheese

One cup of heavy cream 

One jar of ragu cheddar cheese sauce

⅔ cups of condensed milk

Put your seasonings in 

Add one egg and stir

Repeat the same steps with your other half of the noodles except adding pinches of seasoning.

Bake until the cheese is crisp and brown/golden with a few burnt pieces.

Let chill for 5 minutes serve with anything, chicken, shrimp, on a burger, etc. Our favorite is serving it next to our mom’s delicious sweet yams.