Battle of the Bread

Battle of the Bread

Annika Damon, Writer

The Irish Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, September 29th 2020, that Subway’s bread can no longer be classified as bread because of it’s high amounts of sugar. 

Subway’s bread is no longer bread! Now it will be considered a confection because it’s high amounts of sugar don’t meet the Irish standards. In order to be considered bread the sugar has to be 2% of the flour’s weight or less. Subway’s bread has 10% of the weight of the flour. That is 5 times more than the allowed amount and the same amount of sugar as an Oreo.

Subway responded to the ruling by saying that their bread is bread and not a confection but according to Irish laws it is not bread. They also said in a statement that “A 6 inch roll contains 3 to 5 grams of sugar except for a gluten free one which contains  7.” 

This is not the only time Subway has had issues with their bread; in 2013 Subway was sued because their footlong sandwiches were not a footlong. After the incident they started measuring their sandwiches before the court dismissed the case as “utterly worthless”

The year later the restaurant removed a chemical found in yoga mats, azodicarbonamide, from their bread because an online petition wanted it to be removed.

Subway has been in a lot of legal trouble but maybe they will listen the the Irish government and change their bread.