Outscoring Lebron

Outscoring Lebron

Philipe Ndong, Writer

AD, or Anthony Davis is Lebron James’s first teammate ever to have a higher points per game than him.

In the 17 years that Lebron has been in the Nba, nobody on the his team has ever had a season with a higher points per game than King James, and he has played with players like Dwane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irivn, Ray Allen and Kevin Love who have all been in the All-Star 2 or more times in their career.

This means that even when Lebron James was drafted to the Nba from high school, he was averaging more points per game than every person on that team. Imagine getting outscored by a 19 year old who is 15 years younger than you.

This year Lebron is averaging 25.3 points per game while Anthony Davis is averaging 26.1. Even though this is a small amount, it is still more.

It makes sense because Anthony Davis is scoring more points per game than his last 7 years in the Nba with the New Orleans Pelicans. While Lebron James is 35 years old, Anthony Davis is only 27 which means that Davis is in a more prime stage in his life for basketball. In Lebron’s prime, he averaged 35.8 points per game during the 2014-2015 season which means that he would be scoring more than Davis’s prime.