The Movie ‘Tenet’ Nears $300 million at the Worldwide Box Office.


Jacob Howe, Writer

Christopher Nolan’s ’Tenet’ has dominated the box office and is nearing $300 million dollars worldwide as of late September of 2020. Tenet, being one of the first movies back in theaters since the worldwide pandemic, has done much better than most had expected. It’s phenomenal growth within a small period of time generally reflects on the great movie making skills of director Christopher Nolan, who has also directed some popular ones such as ‘Dunkirk’ and a couple of the ‘Dark Knight’ movies. 

While most of the movie industry is now dominated by sequels, remakes and reboots of already popular movies, Nolan proves that with the right skill set, people can still make a new movie that does well. 

Even though the movie Tenet is doing well in the box office, it would have been much better without the pandemic. The movie was delayed a couple times and was finally released in August. However, the movie made $300 million without two of the highest population cities: Los Angeles and New York.  Which is pretty impressive knowing that those cities have over 30 million citizens combined. 

Even though the movie was not what Nolan or WB (Warner Brothers) envisioned ‘Tenet’ at the start of the year, it is still performing fairly well overseas. Earlier in the month, the movie made $19.2 million dollars over a weekend. Only $3.1 million of that was the United States. Tenet is making $300 million worldwide would be an exceptional milestone to pass.  A lot of that money is going to WB. after initial that claims Tenet would owe WB $800 million to make a profit. However, it has now been revealed they need $500 million to break even. Breaking even is when nobody owes anyone anything and they are even. 

Even if Tenet is the only big movie in theaters in the foreseeable future, even knowing that theaters will most likely close again because of Covid-19, making another $200 million is a longshot knowing many theaters are already closing. This does not mean that the goal of $200 million dollars is completely impossible, it is just that there is not much time because of the probable second wave of Coronavirus.f