Helping the Homeless


Phil Mess, Writer

       Youtuber “SteveWilldoit”  helping the homeless with a brand new life. He has posted two videos of him assisting the in need. In the first video, he found a man named Robert in the street and decided to help him by giving money to take care of himself. Steve also got Robert a phone to call and text him whenever he wanted.  In Steve’s second video of helping people in need, Steve explains that Robert didn’t contact him at all and was disappointed but wanted to come back and help someone else. And that he had been talking to a person named Gerald who had been living on stairs to a church in New York. After getting to know Gerald a bit better, Steve got him a hotel room on his charge. Afterwards, Steve liked how appreciative Gerald towards him afterwards, so he loaned Gerald his Florida beach condo to stay in however long he wanted. On top of a place to stay, Steve opened a bank account for Gerald was managed by Steves mom. Steve also helped Gerald get a job and a car for Gerald to drive around Florida and get to work in, plus $25,000 on top of Geralds’s new car, bank account, and Beach condo. Gerald was extremely grateful, saying that he shouldn’t have done so much for him. Gerald then explained that he was homeless for almost nine years and used his army skills to survive. Steve then said that everyone should get a second chance. And the people who are not actively trying to find a way out is because they like it, or don’t want to have to do work to get out.