Charcoal Chicken Champion


Amelia Bachman, Writer

Charcoal, chicken, champion. These all describe Chook’s amazing food served locally in Denver, and coming soon to Stanley Marketplace. Chook was made by three people who were founders and co – founders: Adam Schlegel, Alex Seidel, and Randy Layman. The three worked together to create an amazing restaurant: Chook.

Even though our family loves to branch out, sometimes you just have to go with the classics. From what we know, there are a few plates that just hit the top when you get them. My family usually gets the regular charcoal chicken, mashed potatoes(and gravy), and the celery – apple slaw. Chook does to – go and deliver so depending on where you are, you can just sit back, relax, and get it delivered to your house. We have had this restaurant enough for us to know how good it is and what to get. The past times that we have gotten Chook we have enjoyed it with our neighbors and it gives just the right amount for all of us.

My opinion is to get a little bit of everything on your plate. When we try the dishes we of course start with the chicken. This is perfectly cooked and has a great charcoal flavor. One of the best combinations is to have the mashed potatoes, gravy, and chicken all in one bite. The coleslaw is a mix between sweet and savory so it is really balanced, but if you aren’t a fan of mayo or some particular seasonings, then I wouldn’t recommend it because it has a decent amount of those ingredients. However, if you are like my brother and I, then you might want a bit more of the gravy for your potatoes and your chicken. In the experience of our “hang – outs” with our neighbors this place is great for after a sport when you are just that hungry. 

We haven’t actually ordered any dessert from Chook, but their menu offers Lamingtons or a cookie of the day. Instead of getting these, we have had ice cream or root beer floats. 

Our family has gotten this so many times and it is delicious in every way and we are super excited for it to soon be coming to the Stanley so it is closer, but so far it is located on Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado.


 Address: 1300 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210

  Phone(303) 282-8399