America is Under Attack


Quinton Davis, Writer

December 7th will mark the 79th anniversary of the Japenese attack on Pearl Harbor.

On a beautiful Hawaiian morning, The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor from the air on novel and military bases on Oahu’s island, the American base in the Hawaiian Islands. 

The day changed America forever.

Around 7:55 A.M, multiple Japanese bombers descended from above to destroy American infrastructure. Within minutes of the attack, ships started to sink. Japanese planes continue to attack ship after ship, with people running everywhere.

Survivor, Micky Ganitch, 21 years old from Ohio, was about to play a football match when Japanese planes descended from the skies to deliver their bombs.  Dressed in his football uniform, Ganitch claimed to the crow’s nest on board the battleship USS Pennsylvania to spot incoming Japanese bombers so that his gun crew could return fire.

Over on the battleship USS West Virginia, Stuart Hedley, 18 years old from San Diego, was awoken to massive explosions resulting in mass casualties.  One of those bombs threw Hedley into the oil-covered water, which saved his life. Shortly after, the USS Shaw exploded, along with the USS Arizona, which sank in 9 minutes.

After two hours, the battle was over. The attack claimed the lives of over 2,400 Americans dead, with 1,178 that were wounded.

The following afternoon President Roosevelt addressed Congress to declare war on Japan.