TikToker’s Rise to Fame


Nesha Adler-Eldridge, Writer

Tik Tok, created by Zhang Yiming in China, is a video-sharing app that provides users with the ability to create 15-60 second videos about any topic. It was descended from Musically from September, 2016. Unlike other social media apps, TikTok has an algorithm that lets anybody‘s video(s) go viral. With this algorithm, lots of Tiktokers are given the chance to get “Tik Tok famous.” People such Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Addison Rae, and many more have built a career off of making tik-toks. For some time now, TikTok has become very well known; it’s now the most downloaded app worldwide. Now, with so many TikTok users, people are more likely to be given a chance to make money off of it. 

As people start to become famous on TikTok, building their platforms remains very important for them in order to stay frequent in the industry. Lots of influencers end up moving to Los Angeles, where groups of them move into a house together. There have been several TikTok houses made in LA recently. Some commonly known houses are  ‘The Hype House’, ‘The Sway House’, and ‘The Clubhouse.’ Their main goal is to create daily content that is entertaining to their viewers. 

Charli D’Amelio is the most followed tiktoker in the world. She’s only sixteen years old and has gained more than 90 million followers while only starting TikTok in 2019. After going big, she joined The Hype House with her sister Dixie D’Amelio in the summer 2019 but recently left it. She has been presented with countless opportunities such as meeting and even becoming friends with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez. Her and her sister have created and launched their own nail polish and makeup sets as well as modelled and participated in ads for the clothing brand Hollister. 

Being a popular creator can be exciting but it also comes with lots of pressure. When asked about her fame in an interview with Variety called “Charli D’amelio, TikTok’s Biggest Star, Is Balancing Fame in Quarantine” by Meg Zukin she says, “When I hit a hundred thousand followers, my sister was like, ´Okay, calm down. Talk to me about this when you hit a million.´ I was like, ´I’m never going to do that. That’s so difficult.´ Then it turned into these crazy big numbers that I can’t even comprehend… I was really struggling. Everything that these people say about me really hurt me. I went through a long time of people hating me just to hate me. I didn’t really do anything, so I didn’t understand. But since then, after being able to show people my personality a little bit more, they’ve been able to see that I’m just a normal teenage girl that’s having fun on an app.”

So how does everyone get so famous off of a social media app? TikTok trends are constantly changing; types of videos vary from comedies to choreographed dances; there is a place for everyone. It might seem surprising that just a 15-60 second video can be so impactful to viewers and the creators but just one video can hold a lot of context. A bunch of trends tend to form when a sound or video goes viral. The algorithm makes it so that many people see the viral video on their For You Page and start to replicate or paraphrase it. This happens so frequently that the thing, look, sound, person or action in the video becomes a trend. 

If you start getting a lot of likes, views, comments  and followers frequently, you likely have a chance to start making money off of it. You can decide to become a TikTok influencer and sign up to make money from it. Like many others, you may even start to gain a fanbase from the people that watch your videos. Getting offered a brand deal pays especially high. A brand might contact you to make a video promoting the product in order for them to give you money. Tiktok offers money from around $200 to $100,000 depending on the person’s influence.