High School Pt. 2

Syd Turner, Writer

I sit there in shock as the S.W.A.T team slams the door open and raids in. I continued to stare at the door, not noticing that I was squeezing Jordan and Mia’s hand. A chill went up my spine.

This doesn’t seem right. I thought. I was right. The last S.W.A.T member to come inside shut then locked the door, I swiveled my head around as I heard the blinds shut. We were locked in. This wasn’t a S.W.A.T. team.

“What’s going on?” I whisper, almost going into shock.

“You have something to say missy?” One of the “s.w.a.t.” members questioned.

“No.” I shook as I said those words. I kept holding Mia and Jordan’s hand. They were starting to squeeze their nails into my hand. I felt as if a little skin was pricked by Mia’s fake nails. The warm liquid made its way down my hand and slightly up my forearm. The tap of the blood hitting the floor made me jump. An awkward silence filled the room.

“Why are you here.” Mr. Cunnings quaked, barely making out the words.

“You should know.” Said the man that questioned me. Something about his voice seemed familiar. I couldn’t tell what though. I heard two taps from a phone from across the room. Someone was dialing 9-1-1. 

Thank god! I thought, just until I realized. What if they have a weapon. I jumped from my seat. Mia’s fake nails tearing through sweaty flesh off my skin. I didn’t think anything about it.

“Hey where are you going!” One of the members sneered. It was a different one from last time, this one was shorter. I saw him reach for his back pocket. I collected all of the strength in me and sprinted towards the back of the room, pushing the kids chair back. I trembled as the footsteps behind me stopped and I felt the slight tip of something in the back of my head. 

Oh no! I thought and closed my eyes.