Rwanda: The Hidden Gem of Africa

Rwanda: The Hidden Gem of Africa

Rowen Vincent, Writer

Rwanda consistently ranks among the worlds least corrupt nations- with its constant efforts to reduce corruption by stopping money laundering, passing whistleblower protection acts, and more; but that is not all this central African nation is doing well.

Even though many people have never even heard of the tiny central African nation wedged between the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Tanzania, it is one of the least corrupt, fastest growing nations on Earth. Several sources point out that within the next couple of years, Rwanda will become “the Singapore of Africa”.

Due to the rapid- and successful- industrialization of the Rwandan economy, Rwanda has become the fastest growing economy in Africa. Because of this, Rwanda has reduced poverty rates by 24%, and inequalities in government have dropped- it is said that 64% of the members of the Rwandan parliament are women, while in most countries, members of parliament are mostly men. 

Rwanda is also world leader in caring for the environment. It is home to the world’s most precious animals, including gorillas, lions, giraffes, antelope, elephants, and more. It also consistently ranks as one of the safest and cleanest nations on Earth, with significantly lower crime, homicide, and kidnapping rates than the rest of Africa, and most of the world.

On track to become the next African superpower, Rwanda is the hidden gem of Africa.