Stranger Things


Taylor Holthus, Writer

I absolutely love Stranger Things. It is one of my favorite shows of all time. I would give it a high review. The show is very interesting and definitely a cliff-hanger. A lot of the time you start to watch one episode, then you end up watching 5, because of how interesting it is. Stranger Things is pg-13 and It definitely shows, because there is blood, swear words, smoking and drinking.

Stranger Things is mainly about 5 teenagers (Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Eleven) who are best friends. But the problem is that Eleven has super powers. There had been scientists looking for her ever since she disappeared from the lab (the scientists are the bad guys) because they were doing testing on her. There is also the “upside-down” which is the other bad guy. The upside-down has monsters that want to destroy 11 so that it can take over the world. It wants 11 because she can defeat it with her powers and if 11 isn’t alive, it has nothing in its way to take over the world. In season 1, The monster from the upside down, takes over Will’s body to be a spy on Eleven. Even though Will scares them with what he does when the monster is invading him, his friends never abandon him or leave him. One of the best rules in this show is one that the four boys came up with; Friends never lie.

Matt and Ross Duffer, Aka the Duffer brothers, were both born on February 15, 1984. The Duffer brothers are American film and television writers, directors, and producers. They created “Stranger Things” and “Hidden”. The twins have a very close relationship and do almost everything as a duo. Stranger things won 25 awards and with that, I’d say it’s a pretty good show. It won a couple MTV awards, a couple teen choice awards, quite a few kids choice awards and many more! This may not be appropriate for younger siblings or even for people who get scared easily. 

Stranger Things won a amazing 21 awards! 4 MTV awards, 3 Kids choice awards, 4 Teens choice awards, 3 Peoples choice awards, 1 Screen actors award, 1 NAACP award, 1 Producers award, 1 Satellite award, 1 Critics choice award, 1. Peabody award, and finally, 1 Bravo award