Video Game Reviews – Pokemon Red, Blue, And Green

Video Game Reviews - Pokemon Red, Blue, And Green

Isaiah Wimbs, Writer

Video Game Reviews

This is Isaiah Wimbs here with the second episode of this hopefully ongoing series where I review different video games. Next to be caught is Pokemon Red.

The Team

the game was developed by Game Freak all the way back on February 27, 1996, It was Composed by Junichi Masuda, and was designed by Ken Sugimori and Satoshi Tajiri

The Story

In this game, you play as Red. (Or any name you want to be were just going with the ¨Cannon¨ names) A boy born in the quiet pallet town. On your 11th birthday, you go to get your first pokemon but the professor is nowhere to be found. so decide to look for him in the next town over. When you find him he gives you and your Rival Blue your first pokemon.

The Design

This game is interesting. If you play it correctly it breezes by But if you don’t It gets to be hard Like choosing the starter that’s weak to the first two gym leaders. But the game is beatable no matter who you choose. But what has to be hands down my favorite thing in this game! glitches. there are mounds upon mounds of them. Like MissingNo that guy … block … thing is infamous. Heck, you can accidentally glitch the game. just messing around with glitches give me a feeling I can’t describe. While the story isn’t really there I find it nice to be able to piece the rest of the story together.

The Trainers

The trainers have very varying designs depending on their type specialty or theme. They can seem more of an annoyance at times though but they add to the overall charm of the game.

The Bosses

Now here comes the big bad Bosses of the game, the Gym leaders, Giovanni, Blue, And Elite four they provide a challenge seeing how all of them are required. If your not careful you might just lose half fo your money multiple times, god why is Sabrina so hard. They all have distinct personalities. Like Misty, she is a calm girl who enjoys swimming and Blue is a Hot headed boy bent on becoming the strongest trainer. But you cant forget bout Giovanni. He is a powerful crime boss who wats to become also wants to the strongest Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Crystal Red laughs in the distance)


Overall pokemon red is a fun game that perfectly starts off the series that earned it’s self an estimated total of $18.132 billion and a is one of  the highest-grossing video game franchises behind Mario

That’s all for this episode buckaroos! See you again today, tomorrow, or anytime convenient for you! Bye!