Naya Rivera’s Death Shocking to See

Naya Rivera's Death Shocking to See

Nina Wagenlander , Writer

Naya Rivera, from the popular show “GLEE” on Netflix, sadly passed away July 8th, 2020, from a very tragic death. She and her toddler, Josey, were at the lake, they never put their life jackets on, and got stuck on a wave pool. She had just enough power to lift her child up on the boat, but sadly she got stuck and died. The lake officers found Josey on a red pontoon boat sleeping, the poor little boy had no knowledge of what had just happened. They searched the lake and found Naya Rivera’s corpse at the bottom. The lake officer said this wasn’t the first time someone had died on Lake Piru.

More recently, paparazzi have seen Naya Rivera’s younger sister, Nickayla Rivera, with her sister’s ex-husband- Josey’s father. Some say it’s just to help Josey and the ex, but others think that it isn’t okay, because the pair has moved in together. No one is quite sure why, but some people have suspicions that they’re getting together.