Fixing Your Form




Chance Haskins, writer


A big part of shooting constantly and accurately. Most kids struggle to get the power to get the ball to the hoop sacrificing their accuracy. We will get into how to fix different types of bad form.

-Two-handed fan; For this, you want to start with one hand and add one finger from your off-hand each time. You can also focus hard on putting your hand in the basket so from your view your hand is in the basket.

-too much one-handed; this used to be me. I had a bad coach that noticed my form was wrong so he had me do the drills above just drilling it in. For this one, you have to go really close and just shoot and shoot.

-elbow out; for this, you want to do the roll drill. You want to place the ball on your knee and roll it up on your hand. Make sure you also keep your arm in a straight line with your elbow and knee.

-uneven feet; keep on foot just in front of the other and land the same way. Think about just jumping in a telephone booth you can’t go forward or back. Jumping straight up.

There you have how to get your form better. It will take so work but, you have to be committed to your craft.