Are Snow Days Canceled?

Are Snow Days Canceled?

Finn Woolf, Writer

With our current state of online learning will we have snow days? And when we do go back will we have them even if we have a plan for online learning. Snow days are a treat as old as school itself and even as corona virus has taken many traditions it is threatening our favorite one. 

The Denver Post says “ Colorado’s second-largest school district, Jefferson County, isn’t currently discussing the idea, but No. 3 Douglas County School District, with 67,000 students, appears open to it.

“We are currently revising our policy on school closures related to weather to include eLearning,” spokeswoman Paula Hans wrote in an email Tuesday. She didn’t elaborate.” 

A sixth grader from Arvada Colorado says “ I would be crestfallen if snow days are phased out because of online learning”  and after asking my twin sister she says “ I would kill the teachers if they took away snow days! Or just get really mad.” Both sixth graders seem to keep the idea that snow days are for the kids and no pandemic can take them away.

I also emailed Mr.Dennis to see what he said about the matter. I first asked him if we would be having snow days for the people who chose to stay online. He said “if we are conducting online school this winter and there is a lot of snow, we will still have class.  That’s the beauty of online classes!  It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, as long as you have your computer and the internet, you can continue learning from your teachers!” 

I then asked him, when we go back will we have snow days because we have a plan for online so we could just stay home and have an online day, He responded “Great question!  I really hadn’t thought about this but you are right, why would we have snow days, if kids could just log into their computers from home and participate in online classes? Why don’t we put it to a vote of all the students at McAuliffe and see which option they prefer- snow days or online school!” 

My last question was what do you think the staff of the school would want , snow day or no snow day. He answered “I truly believe that the hard-working and dedicated staff at McAuliffe International School would much prefer to NOT have any snow days.  We love our students so much that we just can’t bare the thought of spending a day without seeing you all!”

It sounds like Mr.Dennis is saying snow days are a thing of the past because of the online learning platform.