Horizon Zero Dawn Video Game Review


Roni Khaustova, Writer

I have played the video game Horizon Zero Dawn for more than a year now, because it’s really cool. It is rated PG-13, there is mild violence, a little offensive language but otherwise it is very suitable for sixth, seventh and eighth graders. I know because I played since I was nine, and I was never disturbed by anything in the game. This is my favorite video game because its really fun and doesn’t get boring.

The video game starts by seeing a man take out his baby daughter, whom he named Aloy to the Nora Tribe. On the way, he passes robot animal-like creatures. Later, we find out that the man (His name is Rost) and Aloy are both outcasts from the tribe. When Aloy turns a little older, she falls into a cave – she’s not severely injured, but needs to find a way out. On the way there, she finds a strange device called a Focus, which allows her to see the world from a different perspective. After, Rost teaches Aloy to hunt on the machines. Aloy’s Focus helps with the hunts. When walking back to Rost’s house, a boy from the Nora tribe hits Aloy in the head with a rock, and she’s left bleeding. Later, Aloy asks Rost why she is an outcast and who was her mother, and Aloy is aware that she was adopted by Rost and that he is not her real father. He doesn’t know, but he says that the Nora Tribe might. If Aloy wants to stop being an outcast, Aloy must pass “The proving,” when Children from the Nora tribe are admitted to be warriors. She starts training right away and after turning about 16, is admitted to participate in “the proving”.

I’m not going to spoil what’s going to happen next, but the story gets really interesting and there are a lot of twists, but I’m warning you, the end has a cliffhanger and is a little sad. If you want to play it you totally should. It is only on the PS4 gaming console. When you finish with the game, there is an add-on game called The Frozen Wild, in which Aloy is out in a new area filled with snow, owned by the tribe of Banuk, and that is really good, too.