Ethiopians in Crisis

Ethiopians in Crisis

Rowen Vincent, Writer

Warning- this may be disturbing.

Thousands of Ethiopian refugees escaping drought, famine, and job loss in their homeland fled to Saudi Arabia- only to be greeted with the worst possible conditions.

Ethiopians, including pregnant women, children, and babies, have suffered appalling conditions in Saudi Arabian detention centers, such as prisoners being chained in pairs, confined at all hours in the crowded detention centers, using the floor as toilets, having little medical care, and beatings which have resulted in several deaths. 

Refugees have called for the Ethiopian government to help them, by paying for better conditions. Many believe that the refugees should be brought home, but the United Nations says that that is too great of a risk, because it will bring more coronavirus cases to the African continent, which they cannot handle. The Minister of Foreign Affairs for Ethiopia, Tsion Teklu, said in an interview with QuartzAfrica, “The evolution of Ethiopian migrant returnees from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 2017 to date, including during the pandemic period, underlines the urgency of ensuring robust reintegration efforts, as well as sustained preventative actions at community level, if we want the existing vicious circle is to be broken once and for all.”

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