2021 USA Swimming Announces National Team Roster


Sarah Runge, Writer

As Olympic athletes are preparing for the new Olympic year the team prepares for what is going to need to be put in place for the 2021 national Team roster. The swimming Roster is out and consists of 115 athletes 59 men and 56 women are included.


Since the Olympics was supposed to be held in 2021, USA swimming decided to keep every returning athlete. But, they also added two athletes who qualified. These athletes train years before even starting the races and events but since the Olympics was postponed they had to redo all their training.


The impact of the coronavirus has caused the athletes to miss training or for some not even train but thankfully around august 16th a lot of facilities have started to open up and become useful again.


These athletes are sacrificing so much to go to the Olympics it would be very devastating if they couldn’t go some barely even see their families. Most Olympic athletes train 20-30 hours a week but now they are barely even able to get in 5-15 hours which is a drastic change for many.