Experience Baby Turtles Hatch

Gabriel Seyboldt, Writer

Every year from may to September sea turtles lay about 110 sea turtle eggs. Every year me and my family go an vacation to the outer banks and last year we happened to stumble across a baby turtle nest and every day we came back to see them hatch and on the last day it happened, It was just getting to be dark and people were saying it will happen any moment. Then about an hour later, pitch black out and the sand on top of the nest started do sink in and a few seconds later baby turtles started to come out. Baby turtles fallow the moon because it is the brights thing when it is completely dark out so the were completely wondering around and you have to be very careful not to step on them. An unusual amount made it to the water. Out of about 30 eggs usually only about 5 make it out alive but their had to be more then ten that made it to the water. From any to a few years to 50 the same turtles will be back to the same beach to lay their eggs.