Woman Tests Positive For Coronavirus 8 Times

A coronavirus cell.


A coronavirus cell.

Oliver Atkins, Writer

Sarah Laurence Cote of Quebec, Canada has received 8 positive Coronavirus tests since March of 2020 due to her working at a nursing home and contracting it from a resident there.

 Because of this, 20-year-old Cote has had to do her nursing classes online and needed to be in full lockdown, although she has had no symptoms since mid-May. Cote believes she was infected in the first weeks of the pandemic and has had it ever since. “The resident who I think gave it to me passed away, it’s very sad,” Cote says.


 She lost the ability to work in the senior homes she was employed at. Infectious disease experts believe that the viral particles in her tests are likely dead or inactive, but you can never be too careful. She has been contacted by others in a similar situation, and said “It feels good to know I’m not alone.”


This goes to show how little we know about the pandemic, and that this most likely is a completely different situation than some others, because  Cote likely had the virus consistently for the period of time she was testing positive for, but it is not for sure that even if you have contracted the virus once, you are safe, and until further research is conducted, you are just as susceptible to getting it again, according to the Center for Disease Control.