Anthony Davis Clutches Game 3 Of Finals

Mason Mafi, Mason

It was the 4th quarter and everyone in the stadium could tell that the game would come down to just one shot. The score was 103 to 102. The whole crowd cheered, While some were losing or had already lost hope. Then suddenly 3 quick passes like a flash 1,2,3 and then the deciding shot came for who would win game 2. Then the Lakers player Anthony Davis came with the big 3 for the win.


The crowd erupted in a cheer. The other side was very quiet. That the one player that hit that shot, was a power forward/center. The Nuggets were shocked. The series of the finals which the Nuggets thought would be 1-1 turned out to be 2-0.  As a matter of fact the Nuggets have never been to the finals so this was the first year, but on the route that they are going now it seems as if it will be a major loss.