The NFL During Weeks 1-3


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Ollie Guyor, Writer

The NFL is back playing every Sunday, Thursday and Monday across the country even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still very much alive.  The CDC has given the NFL permission to play but with CDC guidelines. The last 2 weeks have been filled with excitement, upsets and overall great games. Here is a recap of the last 3 weeks. Injuries have played a huge part already in the season. Stars like New Orleans Saints wide receiver  Micheal Thomas, New York Giants running back Saqon Barkley and 49ners tight end George Kittle have been injured during week 2 or did not play during week 2. Injuries have also impacted Broncos quarterback Drew Lock, who will not be playing 2-6 weeks and wide receiver Courtland Suttonhrew out the season. Even though there have already been tons of injuries, some not so much talked about players are playing better than before. One great example is Atlanta’s wide receiver Calvin Ridley, who has 334 yards and 4 touchdowns. Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor who is replacing injured Marlon Mack who against a good Viking defense got 101 rushing yards and a touchdown in week 2. Plus Browns running backs Nick Chubb and Karrem Hunt both looked great against the Bengals and the Football Team. While most playoff teams like the Chiefs and Packers playing really well, some playoff teams are not looking too good this season. Including the Eagles, who lost to the Washington Football team and to the Rams and then tied with the Bengals. Also including the Vikings, who lost at home against the Packers and then was blown out by the Indianapolis Colts and then was beaten by the Titans. While playoffs are unclear of whos going this year, the Super Bowl champ Chiefs are ready to be back in the playoffs and already looking like super bowl contenders. Tampa is also a favorite of heading to the super bowl with the 43 year old and six Super Bowl title Tom Brady as their quarterback, Pittsburgh’s defense is outstanding in the 3 games they played.  In addition, the Seattle Seahawks are taking flight in the hardest division in the league. Finally, Aaron Rodgers and his Packers showing that they are still playoff contenders.