Sports-Football Talk


Peyton Kaplan, Sports Writer

First today we will be talking about the player Alvin Kamera, He is a football player for the New Orleans Saints and he is a running back, who in his first 24 games, ran 1,000 yards, which is no small achievment.  The last Alvin Kamera emerged as a fantasy difference-maker almost immediately upon his arrival in the NFL. He has scored 30 touchdowns in the last 2 years, which is good but could have been better because he did not play as good as he could last year though throughout the year he was heart a good amount of times this affected his gameplay and if he had not have gotten heart last year he could have played really well last year. Next up, we have the man, the myth, the legend Austin Ekler.  Last year Ekler has 1373 yards last year in football with Melvin Gordon their sharing touches though this year Ekler is all by himself and will get double the amount of carriers this year that means for people doing fantasy football are in for a good year if they can get this guy he also had 14 Touchdowns and over 400 Fantasy football points last year.

Ekler is a sleeper and not many people think of him but if you decide to do some research then you will know about him. That will rap it up for Ekler. Christian McCaffrey is the best running back in football history and probably will be forever his stats are amazing and there’s nobody like him with caring 2,920 yards and 24 touchdowns in 2019 you can’t get better then that he also has 720 fantasy points last year and has gotten player of the year twice he went to Stanford for college and he decided to play for the Carolina panthers that will end it for christian mccaffrey moving on. Next up, we have Michael Thomas. This guy is a living beast he is a wide receiver for the New Orleans.

He was the top wide receiver in the league last year and will probably be this year as well, and he also has 5,512 yards and he has 32 more Touchdowns he went to Ohio state for college that will wrap it up for today. Next up, we have Harrison Butker. He is quite possibly the best kicker in football, as he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs he has missed 14 in his career and he has made 48 in his career he is the best kicker out there.