Sourdough Bread Now Up and Running

Sourdough Bread Now Up and Running

Amy Penn , Writer

Ever since Covid-19 struck in early March and we have all been stuck at home, sourdough bread has become one of the most popular foods. If you were to go on social media right now, you would see thousands of posts about sourdough. People selling them, sharing them, giving tips on the best ways to make sourdough bread or dealing with your starter, or even just pictures of loaves of bread and starters that people made. A few weeks ago I said to my friend, “Many people have been raving over the baked goodness of fresh, homemade, sourdough bread! It’s amazing!” 

      There are many reasons as to why sourdough bread is now popular all of a sudden, but I will just list a few. Firstly, sourdough requires a lot of time and attention which people couldn’t give during the pre-COVID era. Now that people are stuck at home, they have the time to deal with it. Secondly, there is also a shortage of yeast now and sourdough bread doesn’t have yeast in it, causing even more people to bake it. And finally, studies have found that kneading the dough can decrease stress levels. 

      In order to make sourdough, you need a sourdough starter. The starter is what gives the bread that sour taste. A starter is just some fermented flour and water. Once you have a working sourdough starter it can last you forever. 86 year old Ione Christensen has her working starter since 1898, passed down from her grandfather. As long as you feed the starter once a week, you’re good to go. It has even become a thing for people to start giving their starters names! 

      Another plus is that you don’t have to make just bread with your starter. You can make sourdough crackers, pancakes, waffles, and even English muffins! You can also substitute whole wheat flour for regular flour in your starter and dough to get a whole wheat sourdough bread! There are so many uses for just that small little container of flour and water!