Nuggets Lose Against the Lakers

John Crisostomo, Writer


Nuggets take A 1-3 loss to the Lakers in Semifinals.


The Denver Nuggets take a 1-3 loss at the Lakers on September 26. This loss was taken in the NBA Bubble which holds the playoffs. All of the teams kept in the Bubble were contenders for the NBA championship. The Nuggets started off strong leaving the playoffs third in the western conference. 

Jamal Murray number 27 had one of the best playoff appearances. Jamal Claimed “Nothing hurt him more than Denver’s historic playoff run finally coming to an end.” The Lakers won Game one 107-117. The Nuggets lose game 2 by 6 points 114-108. The Nuggets come back winning Game 3 114-106. The Laker cleared the series, winning game four and five. 

Lebron putting up 50 percent field goal and 30 percent 3pt percentage is hard to beat. The Miami Heat is going to have a tough team to beat. Sources say “Lebron will take advantage of Miami’s zone defense.” The Nuggets had a good season and playoff in the bubble. The two teams advancing to the finals are the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers.