Nuggets Survive 3-1 deficit aganst the jazz

Henry Sanders, Writer

The Denver Nuggets VS the Utah Jazz was arguably one of the most intense playoff games ever. With the Nuggets winning their first game against the Jazz. Feeling confident going into game two the Nuggets got whooped 124-105, then they continued their streak of bad luck with 3 straight losses to the Jazz. with them pulling a close loss in game 4 the Nuggets need a win or else no shot at their first NBA championship. At this the nuggets star player in this series jamal murray and the jazz star player donovan mitchell have been going head to head as it is exciting to watch. Game 4 comes around and it is a close game with the Nuggets needing to get a win and with a bad defence it did not seem like they could. The Nuggets lose by 2 points 129-127. With the nuggets facing elimination they desperately need a win to at least keep the series going. Well they pull one of but not only one they pull 3 inarow of to win the series and they face the la clippers just 48 hours later to end up losing that game.