Mother Nature Strikes Back

Weston Plakke, Writer

Today, the new movie Bill and Ted face the music has come out.  It is showing at your home ya! Sadly the movie theaters are not showing because of the pandemic. Books and books. We like them or hate them but they are a big part of why every one has not lost their marbles. The whole online school thing is very interesting and fun because you don’t need to go anywhere and you get to stay in your pj’s. 


Today the wildfires are crazy and big. So many  acres of land have been destroyed from the fire. And it has affected the economy and people that us to have homes are now homeless because of the wild fires. And in the south east the big hurricane is destroying many homes and people are quickly evacuating  from their homes. 2020 is a ruff year. But on the good side of things, the Denver nuggets have won a game. ya. 


But back to the bad thing, the wildfire is so bad that you can see it from space!!!!! And if it still goes on it will be the biggest wildfire documented ever in cal. And the hurricane in Florida has destroyed a lot of homes and some people say that it looks like the wizard of oz because the homes are flying from the strong winds.