Owners of Misaki Bring Qi-Lin to the Stanley Marketplace


Logan Bader, Writer

The owners of the Misaki sushi restaurant now have a restaurant called Qi-Lin that has just recently taken an open spot in the Stanley marketplace. They have finally opened up a new spot in the marketplace that can be found on 2501 Dallas Street in Aurora, Colorado. They specialize in Asian dishes and ramen.

Qi-Lin is a Chinese Unicorn that represents good luck and prosperity and this Chinese unicorn is as shown in the picture. Qi-Lin took the spot of the pizza and Italian place called Sazza. Sazza had come to an end in late 2019 which opened up space for different businesses until the owners of Misaki bought that spot and turned it into what they now call Qi-Lin (pronounced Chi-Lin). The owners of this restaurant Charlene and Robert Thai, have owned the Misaki restaurants in Stanley marketplace, Broadway Market, and in Superior. I talked to Robert Thai and I asked him what made him decide to open up a Chinese and ramen restaurant and he said that because in the fall and winter, it is often too cold to get sushi at Misaki but now he has this other option for some hot food from Qi-lin.

He also pointed out that it brings more diversity to the food. If people want Chinese instead of sushi, it’s perfect. I also asked Robert what they have done with the wood fired pizza oven that Sazza used to use and he said that they roast the pork belly for 3 hours before anything else happens or opens and then they use this juice from the porkbelly to put in the broth of some of their ramen dishes which is very healthy. He said that as time goes by, they will start to use the pizza oven more often for more of their dishes and foods because their dishes and menu are only going to get bigger and better. I also had just tried their ramen at Qi-Lin and I would give it an awesome rating. I would definitely recommend this place because they have other options beside ramen that are really good. Qi-Lin is a great new hit restaurant in the Stanley Marketplace and a good one to go to especially when fall and winter are right around the corner. They’re ramen is a must try and their menu options are only getting bigger. This place is important to us because many people who go to McAuliffe live in Park Hill, Aurora, and Stapleton which are all close locations to this Stanley marketplace.