Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legacy

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Legacy

Taylor Rowland , Writer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has helped fight for gender, race, and discrimination by being the second woman to be on the supreme court justice fighting the law on how women should be equal to men and how she gave many women a voice or how in 1909 she made a law against the violence towards different races. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was born Joan Ruth Bader on March 15, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York. She then grew up in Brooklyn New York went to high school at James Madison High School. She then went to law school at  Columbia, Harvard, and Cornell University. While at Cornell University she would meet her husband Martin Ginsberg and later they would have Jane and James Ginsburg. After she went to Colombia University she became a lawyer to advocate for women’s rights were Bill Clinton saw something special in her and gave her a place on the supreme court justice in 1980. Ruth Bader Ginsberg sadly passed on the 18 of September 2020. Many will remember her and appreciate the work she did fighting for gender, race, and discrimination and making the suffrage of many people known during her time on the Supreme Court Justice.