Walking cats

Daphne Alexander, writer

I am Daphne and I was looking at the new trends online and I found   how to walk a cat on a leash (by pet food direct) on YouTube and I just so happened to have a cat harness and leash.

I decided to try it and both me and my cat hated it! Basically I hated it because it took 4 months just to get my cat used to it, And my cat hated it because cats feel that the harness is another animal trying to put its mouth around the cats chest which is  uncomfortable for anyone. Eventually my cat excepted it and decided to try to be happy but it was still literally  torture for him. In my opinion, Its just  an expensive way to be mean to your cat. But I guess if you want to know if your cat likes it the check to see if there tail is waging slightly that means the are stressed out, however if  your cat has its tail all the way up and straight it is fine.