West Nile Virus


Nahla Ortega, writer

A case of the West Nile virus has been confirmed in Miami-Date reticent in 2020. Everyone has been bit by a mosquito but whoever thought that being a bit can lead to a virus. A virus such as the West Nile virus. This virus is carried by mosquitoes and birds. When a bird gets it that means that the virus duplicates with the bird then get viremia and this can cause the bird to be able to spread the virus to mosquitoes that don’t have the virus. Not everyone needs to worry about this virus. This virus usually affects people over fifty and people that have very weak immune systems. The virus can not spread from person to person the only ways you can get the virus is by mosquitoes. This virus started in Africa and somehow traveled to the United States recently around 1999. Eight out of ten people feel no symptoms and one out of 5 people feel just a fever but no other symptoms and one out of one hundred and fifty people feel serious symptoms. Mosquitoes come out near dusk so try to wear mosquito spray near that time.