Disasters of 2020


Joel Toledo-Varela, Writer

The year 2020 has ruined the world. There have been protests in some places for BLM (Black lives matter) and  not only are there protests, there are also riots. And in those riots some people destroyed things, and did inappropriate graffiti everywhere. The reason for this is racism. Instead of trashing places around us, we could do a calm protest. The biggest disaster of 2020 is Covid-19. Covid-19 has caused fights, places to close, people losing homes and jobs, and death. Another tragic thing happening is the fires in the Angeles national Forest in California and a fire in Colorado which is also taking lives and homes from not only people, but animals as well. Some ways we can prevent all of this from happening is by wearing a face mask, washing your hands after coming back from a place with a lot of germs, using hand sanitizer after going to a public space, and supporting black lives matter.