The Girl

The Girl

Genesis Key, Writer

The girl was her name but it wasn’t as the others thought but she knew, she was brave but how come she didn’t felt that way , it just the outside, the girl told her friend and her friend key said ‘’ uh-uh,you’re just too weak to tell your feelings’’ and the girl felt so angry that she wanted to punch a wall then the girl left that negative energy and took a walk outside and sit by big bark tree around the school playground and it was a old, smelly and burnt up just like the one outside of her house but at least the garden team kept the funky smell out of everybody noses.. The girl loves to write poems. It was a thing to keep her away from bad energy she had in her life. Like she wrote, the rich are rich and the poor are poor but I know that I’m more but nobody got it so that is why people bully her but I did not get that! 


The girl just lives around the corner from me and it wasn’t like I talked  to her, it was just that she was too weird for me. I mean she just cries every time I come outside. It’s like rain just pouring into my head. It didn’t make any sense so one day I came up to her and asked her ‘’ Is there reason to cry’’ I asked and the girl said ‘’No’’, it’s just that not everything in life is hard for me’’ the girl said. ‘’Well yeah’’, look at my life it’s a mess. ‘’Oh’’said the girl softly. ‘’ Well I’m not really a noisy but if you are having a tough time then I will give a little advice but I would suggest to make your life better is that to live your life to the fullest rather than crying for the shortest because you don’t where end up one day because I was just like you once but then I thought,’’I should changed’’ and now, I’m just saying it’s just life and you should do the same. ‘’ Okay’’, but can you be my friend? The girl said and ‘’I said yeah sure,Why not. ‘’ Well’’ it’s because I don’t have many friends. ‘’Oh’’, I thought Key was your friend. ‘’Yeah’’, she is but she doesn’t talk to me that much as you think. The girl said with a look. ‘’ Dang your life is hard for you, Yeah’’ replied the girl. ‘’Well, I have to get back home’’. ‘’Okay’’ said the girl. After that day I felt like a savior but was I a savior for the next few weeks the girl changed and started to show her true colors like that song I always used to love  but on that day I felt like a true savior. 


The End


 PS: This story was inspired by a girl name Savannah and she used to always get bully when I was the ages of 9 and 10 but in those two years she show her true colors than rather be the girl who can’t stand up for herself so this is why I wrote this story because I want to tell people no matter what you look like or smell like or be like you still can live your life to the fullest than crying for the shortest.