One Way In One Way Out


Danny Briden, Writer

After school one day I got on my jogging clothes. Usually on Fridays I run an extra hour on the track because the next day would be the weekend. And Ironically it was Friday. When I got there it was already 5:00.

I saw 2 brothers playing soccer, a man and woman on the bleachers and a woman with a pink sweatshirt jogging  as well. I would always notice the woman staring at me but this was a public area so I didn’t think she could do anything. As the woman and man left, the woman started to pay more attention to me. But I was determined to finish my laps. Then the brothers left and it was just me and the women. Then I noticed she was following me. I started to go faster but she caught up. I turned around fast and asked “yes?”

She ushered me closer and said that there was a man in the bleachers. “What?” I asked and she pointed at him. My heart dropped. “I couldn’t leave him with you by yourself,” she said.

Then whispered something I would never forget “one way in, one way out.” Then she left.

To this day I’m surprised that I ran past him so many times and never noticed him. Since then, I have never seen that woman or that man. I always think he was just some homeless person but it’s hard to believe sometimes. I just hope he never got the chance to snatch someone.