Barney: Why he is Barney

Barney: Why he is Barney

Straton Geddes, Writer

This is the true story of how Barney, an accountant at a bank, transformed into a purple, cartoon character.


It was a normal day for the bank accountant, Barney. A. Dino (Pronounced dEe-NoH.) Or so he thought. He was at his work, talking to someone when all of the sudden, some people in all black came bursting through the front doors with guns. “Everyone’s hands In the air!” One of them shouted. Nobody moved. “Where is Barney.A.Dino?” another one asked. Barney stood up. “That would be me,” he said. He could barely stand, his legs were shaking so much. He could feel the goosebumps climbing up his body. “Come here,” the same one said. Barney walked forward, almost tripping twice. They cuffed him, then put a bag over his head. He was walked out of the doors, and shoved into a car. He heard the car door slam, and off they skidded. Barney was being flung around like a sack of potatoes.


He felt the car stop and heard car doors open and shut. He heard a door open and slam shut. He felt like he was walking through a pitch-black maze. He felt bruises, and what felt like a barrel of a gun on his heart. Finally, the bag was taken off of his head. He blinked several times. He looked around in the new environment that he was in. There were a bunch of people in lab coats, at big machines with a million buttons. In the middle of the room was what looks like a big tube. 

“Get in the machine,” One of the thugs said. Barney stepped into the machine, and the door slammed shut and locked. 

There’s room for 5 men in here, Barney thought. All of a sudden, there was a flashing red light outside. Then, a blinding light shone in the machine that barney was in! He screamed in pain. He could feel himself transforming into something. There was a ding, and the door opened. Barney stepped out. Everyone in the room stopped and stared. 

“This isn’t what you promised us!” One of the thugs yelled.

“I’m sorry, I really am! All my calculations were right,” One of the scientists yelled. The thug shot the scientist in the leg. Barney took a look at himself.

“What am I?” Barney said.

“You’re a purple and green fuzzy dinosaur that belongs in a TV show. Wait! That is a great idea! I’ll make a TV show! I’ll name it… Barney,” The main thug said. So they kept Barney and forced him to do a TV show until he died.