Best Ice Cream Places in Central Park


Ice cream

Caroline Peters, Writer


  1. Sweet cow

Sweet cow is a delicious place to get ice cream, with great outdoor seating. It is located at Stanley, a fun building filled with many shops and stores. After getting your ice cream, you can go sit in the grassy area provided, or go find a table nearby. Some new and tasty flavors right now are golden oreo and lucky charms. Sweet cow also has a convenient way to order during COVID, you can choose your flavor outside at a booth, then go inside to pick it up.


  1. Constellation

Constellation is also a perfect place to go on a hot, sunny day. Their flavors are so intriguing and always delicious. From turbulence, which consists of charcoal ice cream, marshmallows, and pearl crisps, to the classic oreo, to cookie dough, it’s fun all around. Something awesome about Constellation is that the building is an airplane. You get to order from the ‘windows’!


  1. This next one’s a classic fro-yo place. Menchies! This shop is amazing with their multiple different flavors of yogurt, and endless toppings. Definitely a go-to!


  1. Freddy’s has tasty burgers, and delicious custard! You can get it chocolate dipped, candy topped, and in a waffle cone. The texture of their custard is simply amazing!