Crested Geckos as Pets

Crested Geckos as Pets

Owen Williams, Writer

Crested geckos are great low maintenance pets that you can train to jump! They can also change color slightly depending on their environment. I highly recommend them for anyone who has a love for reptiles and the time and money to care for them.

  Crested geckos spend most of their life climbing around their tank, dozing and relaxing in cool, moist moss. They are nocturnal, which means they are active at night, but they are sometimes also active at dawn and dusk, so if you get a chance to observe them they are climbing around like crazy. As babies and juveniles you can keep them in a small 10 gallon tank but when they are adults they require a larger tank preferably 20 gal. or larger. As babies, healthy crested geckos will shed their skin and eat it every other week even if you don’t notice. As adults they shed their skin every month or so. 

Crested geckos are some of the easiest reptiles to feed. You can feed your gecko Pangea Gecko Diet, which will eliminate the need to feed them crickets, but you still can. Artificial or live plants are recommended in your gecko’s tank, but artificial is better so that you do not have the extra maintenance of caring for the plants. Make sure not too many or the gecko will feel overcrowded. In the  tank, make sure to add moss so that if they need moisture they can get it. For the bottom of the tank as babies and juveniles, use paper towels or any other form of soft paper so that they do not swallow soil or substrate and suffocate. For adults, you can use coconut fiber substrate because it holds humidity well and looks natural. If your house is warm enough and you provide your gecko with enough humidity (spray tank with distilled water 2-3 times daily) you do not have to install a heater and humidifier, but it makes things easier if you do.

 It is not advisable to have more than 1 gecko in the same tank. They will not get lonely. If you keep more than 1 gecko in the same time they may get stressed and maybe sometimes bite each other, and fight for food. Crested geckos have very few possible health problems but if your gecko looks weird or is acting strange talk to a veterinarian. So, if you want an interesting, and easy reptile companion, consider the Crested Gecko.