Teachers Deserve Better Pay

Teachers Deserve Better Pay

Jo'Nelle Taylor, Writer

School teachers and staff work really hard, and the money they earn is not enough to show how hard they’ve been working. Teachers have to deal with rude students or bad behavior, 5 days a week. That means, they took their time, that they could have been having with their families, to teach students. Same with the staff! They could be on a whole week vacation but they come to help students to.

Teachers and staff members shouldn’t have to protest or march to get more money for their work. I believe that the conversation about, “the best teacher” shouldn’t be made when you’re talking about teacher pay. It seems like you are saying a teacher who has more experience and knowledge should deserve more money just because of that. In fact, there is a saying where “private school teachers get paid more as public school teachers”. Why? Well, they say it’s because of the size of the school. But I think the size of the school doesn’t affect the teacher’s money.

Today, I will be interviewing two teachers, and seeing their different perspectives. I have Molly Walsh, the Journalism Teacher, and Kasey Brown, the Math Honors teacher.

First question, Have you ever experienced bad behavior? Molly Walsh responded, “Yes, I had a student who liked to use inappropriate language in the class toward other students and me.” Kasey Brown responded saying, “Yes! I think that kids have bad days just like adults do, so there are bound to be times that kids misbehave or just have other things going on. This is my first year of teaching, so no but I know a lot of teachers that have!”

Second question, Have you ever had a sub for your class because you were protesting for the right pay of a teacher? And if so, how was it? Molly Walsh said, “I did not have a sub when we went on strike for teacher pay. McAuliffe had large group lessons and didn’t have subs.” Kasey Brown had no answer to this question.

Third question, Was there ever a point, where you wanted to stop teaching because of a student or any other reason? Molly Walsh said “Yes if I’ve had a bad day (which doesn’t happen very often) I think about other jobs I might want to do. But ultimately I can’t think of something I like more than teaching.” Kasey Brown said, “There are definitely hard times in teaching. But I think that the rewards outweigh the bad days. It helps to have a strong community of positive teachers around you to encourage you on your bad days.”

Last question, what inspired you to teach? Molly Walsh said, “ I don’t think I ever had inspiration from anything or anyone. I had to choose a major in college and education seemed the most interesting to me.” Kasey Brown said, “My mom was a teacher when I was growing up, so I said I would never be a teacher. I worked in a school during High School with one student in 2nd Grade that didn’t know how to read yet. Her teacher said “Just teach her something, she’s a pretty hopeless cause” in front of her. So we worked and worked at reading until she made some improvements, until one day I came in to see her and she was wearing glasses and was reading a chapter book. This showed me that teachers can make a very big impact on students’ lives if they are open and compassionate towards them. I still didn’t think I wanted to teach, but went into lots of different classrooms and fell in love with it.:)”

I think the interview said a lot because all the answers that the teachers gave are showing how much teachers do. That means they go through a lot, and they should be getting paid the same amount of sweat they work up every day. In conclusion, I think teachers and staff should get better pay because they work hard every day.