Stanley Desserts

Stanley Desserts

Mia Staubli, Writer

         I know we all love food, to eat, to look at, but sometimes you need something sweet. Some people just don’t know what to make or how to make them. Desserts taste great, and can sometimes look great. Making food also takes up time. So in your free time that might be something to do, you can use up some of your time and you can make something sweet.

          You might not always want to have or make sweet things at home and might want to go out and get them. Some good places might be, Miette Et Chocolat in Stanley Market. The deserts that they have there are small and fancy. They change them often and there are always new selections. They have different kinds of small desserts with different toppings, chocolates, Macaroons, cakes, and cookies. 

          Some good things that I have tried at Miette Et Chocolat are some of the chocolates which include, Carmel chocolate outside and Carmel inside, Lavender chocolate with lavender filling, Passion Fruit chocolate with a Passion Fruit Filling, Raspberry chocolate with raspberry jelly inside, Black Cherry with a cherry filling, and Vanilla chocolate. As well as some good small desserts are, The Chocolate One which is lots of chocolate with little toppings, Bergamot Lavender Hazelnut which had lavender cookies with raspberry and hazelnut, and Mini Pumpkin Crembrule which is like a pumpkin pie with a crust and marshmallow fluff. 

          They also of course have more chocolates, small desserts, cakes, and macaroons. They also make their desserts behind a glass window which you can look through and watch them make some of the desserts from time to time. Making desserts at home also comes out great most of the time but if you did want to go out and get something, I recommend Miette Et Chocolat.