Top 3 craziest Sports

Top 3 craziest Sports

Emme Phillips, writer

                                     Top Three Craziest Sports

One of the top 3 is Ironing which is a sport where people go to exotic places and iron shirts. They could go skydiving, a river, a mountain, anywhere. They do this sport in England, America, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and South America. Why do they do this? NO IDEA. And yes you can somehow win this sport.


Another crazy sport is Sheep counting. Yep, it’s just like it sounds you literally count sheep. This is popular in Australia, the skill of this game is to stay awake because they release around 400 sheep down the mountain. They do this to help you learn focus skills. If you say the exact number you win the competition.


And the third crazy sport is worm charming and this one is really strange, you get a certain amount of land to use and then you try to find and get the highest amount of worms. They have been taken in London in the past but they could be in different places each year. The record for the most worms is 567 worms in half an hour. And those are 3 of the craziest sports.