California Wildfires


Josie Pass, writer

 Wildfires leave California in a smokey situation 

It all started to build on August 17 2020 and continues to escalate, burning down houses and killing tons of people! Firefighters are trying hard to tame it but nothing will work. According to the first service, Mexico firefighters are coming out to help put out the fires. And today the crew continues to fight 25 major wildfires. With about 17,400 firefighters on the front lines. There is going to be a significant warm-up starting on Saturday, September 26, and will start to make a spread. And the wind will be strong making an elevated fire danger. They say that the temperature is dry and easy for the wildfires to spread and start. They say that if you want emergency alerts you can sign up for alerts in your country. “sunlight reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission. Now Californians are being advised to stay inside with doors and windows shut to avoid breathing hazardous wildfire smoke.” according to the hospital workers. So know all that anyone can do is be safe and let the firefighters do there work.